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**Chapter 1: Introduction** 1.1 **Greetings:** Happy New Year! To kick off the year, we've significantly enhanced our affiliate system to provide you with more opportunities to earn.

**Chapter 2: Affiliate Benefits** 2.1 **User Registration Bonus:** For every new user registered through your affiliate link, you earn £0.50 as a sign-up bonus. 2.2 **Lifetime Commission:** Receive a 30% lifetime commission for every invoice paid by users you've referred as a token of our appreciation.

**Chapter 3: Special Offer** 3.1 **First Payment Bonus:** As a special surprise, enjoy a 70% commission on the first payment of an invoice, followed by a 30% lifetime commission thereafter.

**Chapter 4: How to Join** 4.1 **Affiliate Link:** Use your unique affiliate link to track referrals. 4.2 **Account Creation:** Simply create an account and enroll in our affiliate program to start earning.

**Chapter 5: Marketing Assistance** 5.1 **Promotional Support:** Benefit from marketing assistance to boost your affiliate link's visibility on social platforms and through promotional ads. 5.2 **Business Promotion:** Additionally, receive guidance on promoting any personal business using the affiliate link.

**Chapter 6: Commission Payouts** 6.1 **Payout Structure:** Commissions will be paid out based on the specified rates for sign-ups and invoice payments. 6.2 **Payment Frequency:** Payments will be processed regularly. **Chapter 7: Program Guidelines** 7.1 **Fair Usage:** Affiliate activities should adhere to fair practices and not involve any fraudulent or unethical behavior. 7.2 **Termination:** Non-compliance with guidelines may result in termination from the affiliate program.

**Chapter 8: Contact and Support** 8.1 **Assistance:** If you have any questions or need support regarding the affiliate program By participating in our affiliate program, you agree to these terms and conditions. We look forward to a successful partnership in the coming year!

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